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Appropriately taking place here in Manchester at the Manchester Museum, After the Bees is an art exhibition that examines the importance of bees to life on Earth.

Taking as it’s starting point the prediction that man would only live four years after bees, a statement commonly attributed to Albert Einstein (though it appears to pre-date him by a number of years), the exhibition imagines a world where bees have become extinct through the artworks of artist, photographer and film-maker Megan Powell.

Featuring photographs and films of urban beehives across Manchester, the artwork explores the language of the hive through interviews with academics, ecologists, bee-keepers and specialists. The exhibition also features highly detailed, magnified images of specimens from the artist’s collection, captured using electron microscopes at The University of Manchester’s School of Materials.

The exhibition is located on third floor of the Museum, in The Study and runs from the 16th November 2016 through to July 2017. Admission is free, with more details to be found here and here. On 30th March 2017, as part of the Museum’s Thursday Lates series, there will be a screening of Powell’s feature-length documentary A Fable for Tomorrow, with more details here.



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