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Image reproduced with kind permission of The Manchester Metropolitan University

Granted to the University in 1991, whilst it was still a Polytechnic, Manchester Metropolitan University’s coat of arms features a number of elements taken from the City of Manchester’s arms. Of most interest to us the crest depicting a lion holding a globe of bees.

Here the bees symbolise “the activity and the hard work of education”, while the globe is suggestive of “the migration of students to the University from all over the world.” Also of note is that only five bees are depicted, compared to the city’s seven.

MMU’s coat of arms only appears on degree certificates and on other formal institutional documents. In other circumstances where a logo is required, the university uses the following emblem.

As you might have noticed, the logo is derived from the upper part of the shield, with six spade-irons positioned together, suggesting hard toil and entrenchment. You can find this design reflected around the university. For example, a single spade head is used to decorate the railings that run around All Saints Park in the middle of All Saints Campus.