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A few miles from Manchester City Centre, Monton in Eccles is dotted with bees. They appear on walls and shutters along Monton Road, created by a variety of artists.

Two of them face each other at the top of the connecting Landsdowne road. The side of Playfoots is covered by a mural by Sumit Sarkar. The idea for the bee came from Monton Village Community Association (MVCA) with the aim of promoting the enhancing the neighbourhood. Local poet Jenny Berry helped with the design, with funding provided by Eccles Community Committee, MVCA and Playfoots. Playfoots itself has a bee as part of its logo.

Opposite is a design created by Russ Meehan, a memorial piece sponsored by Bee Strong MCR in rememberance of those who perished in the Manchester bombing.

The artwork features a number of different flowers, each with the following meanings:
SnapdragonsGrace and strength
StaticeRememberance, sympathy and success
Red RoseLove and Lancashire
DaisiesInnocence and purity
King ProteaChange and transformation
DaffodilRebirth, new beginnings, and eternal life

The bee, of course, represent the hardworking people of Manchester.

 Around the corner, a grey bee design appears on the shutters of Sunset Boulevard.

Further along the road, across the two shutters of Celebrations and Cake Creations, the bee is a combination of candles, cakes, balloons and presents.

The last piece piece is situated above street level on the side of Transcend Therapies. Unfortunately, I’ve not yet discovered the names of the artists who created the final three pieces, but I would love to find out.