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I first came across the above example of BeeMancunian’s work while reading through the many #manchesterbee tweets in the wake of the Manchester bombing.

A few people had shared images of the sculpture and, thanks to Caroline Polwarth, I was able to track down in the Northern Quarter, outside the Church Street  multi-storey car park. It was a surprise though to find the following altered bees on the bollards next to the substation on the corner of Tib St / Thomas St. The titles listed below each photograph can be found posted above each bee.

Evbeething Evbeething

Beelue Monday

Definitely Maybee


The HapBee Mondays

Beecause Love Will Tear Us Apart

Beecause “Manchester kids have the best record collections” A.W.

I Wanna Bee Adored

If you’d like to see more of BeeMancunian’s work, just follow them on twitter or instagram. They’ve been active for about a year, busy altering bollard bees across the city, with more on their way.