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Located as part of the exterior fencing of the Pendulum Hotel along Charles Street are a three metal sculptural plates, decorated with scientific and Lancastrian symbols, the bee amongst them. I’m interested in identifying all the symbols. If you can help, please let me know in the comments.

1. Laser
2. Centrifuge
3. UMIST logo
4. Manchester Bee
5. Exclamation Point
6. Circuit
7. Red Rose of Lancaster
8. Page Up
9. Weaving Shuttle
10. NPN Transistor

11. ?
12. ?
13. Mining Safety Lamp
14. Formula for Arithmetic Mean
15. Erlenmeyer flask
16. H2O
17. AND, OR and NOT Logic Gates
18. Bunsen Burner
19. Logic Flow Chart

Thank you to @smartman4, @RealMancsy@Chrissy022000, @kevinbradshawuk, @thefalken@fistynuts, @typograph and Paul Large for their suggestions.

These plates are a reminder of the building’s earlier life as part of the UMIST campus. The building was renamed The Pendulum Hotel in 2014, with the current name derived from the Foucault’s Pendulum contained within.

The pendulum is one a thirteen in the UK, and is named after Léon Foucault, who created the original in 1851 as a simple device for demonstrating the rotation of the Earth.