Dotted around University of Manchester’s Oxford Road and Sackville Street areas, you’ll see the university’s coat of arms decorating buildings both inside and out. It’s actually of recent origin, dating from 2004, when the Victoria University of Manchester merged with UMIST (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology) to form a combined entity.

The coat of arms inside the entrance to the Sackville Street Building.

The coat of arms on a facade surrounding building work on Oxford Road.

Arms: Per fess nebuly enhanced Bleu-celeste and Purpure issuant in chief a Sun in Splendour Or in base three Bees volant proper.
Crest: Upon a Helm Within a Coronet composed of four Roses Purpure barbed Argent seeded and set upon a Circlet Or a demi Lion guardant Or murally crowned Argent holding in the paws a Torch erect Sable enflamed Or.
Motto: “Knowledge, Wisdom, Humanity” Cognitio, sapientia, humanitas

The new arms includes legacy elements from both prior institutions. The lion wearing a crown appeared on the UMIST coat of arms, while the sun against a blue background belonged to the Victoria shield, symbolising growing enlightenment. The bees symbolise the University’s connection with the city of Manchester and also appear on the UMIST shield.

Victoria University of Manchester
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