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This new addition to the City Centre Beehives collection isn’t actually in the city centre, but when I spotted this tweet from the Soapworks, I had to find out more.

Located in the former Colgate Palmolive Factory near Salford Quays, the Soapworks office complex is home to a plethora of businesses. It’s also, since May 2018, the site of two beehives atop its roof.

The hives were installed and are maintained by Nuture Landscapes and are part of Soapworks sustainability and social responsibility commitment. Other parts include carbon and waste reduction strategies, electric car charging points and events to reduce car usage.

The buildings inhabitants do get to interact with them, with opportunities to meet the bees twice a year and also be involved with the honey harvest. There were plans to extend invitations to local primary schools, though this was put paid to by Covid.

The extracted honey is sold in the buildings reception area, with 100% of the money raised donated to St Clements Church, Orsdall’s food bank scheme.