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The Daily Manchester Bee initally ran from 1st September 2017 though to 1st November 2018 on the @MCRBees twitter account, sharing over 426 different Manchester bees via the hashtag #DailyMCRBee Originally, the plan was to share the ever-growing pile of bee photographs I hadn’t got around to writing about yet. What I hadn’t expected would be that I’d discover new bees as a result. I doubt I would ever have found out about the Hidden Bee of Piccadilly Place except through direct contact with both Lauren Sagar and Sharon Campbell as a result of posting about the Poetry Discs.

I’ve recently restarted the daily update, starting from 1st August 2019. The plan is to try and reach 500 updates, though I’ll have to see if that’s feasible. In the meantime, please follow @MCRBees for fresh updates, Monday to Friday.