Manchester Bee Based Companies

Manchester Bee Company
The original Manchester Worker Bee and Manchester inspired design range.

Manchester Bee Themed Businesses

Teahive Manchester
Chorlton’s original independent coffee shop and tea emporium.

Northern Quarter based restaurant and bar.

Manchester Bee Themed Sports Teams

Manchester Bee Dodgeball Team
A mixed gender dodgeball club with years of coaching and international playing experience in the fastest-growing and most exciting sport in the UK.

Further information on the Manchester Bee

Manchester history: the bees, the bees!
Natalie Bradbury’s article for Creative Tourist about the Manchester Bee and its history.

Bee Keeping in Manchester

Manchester & District Beekeepers Association
Aiming is to promote the art of beekeeping and to provide training and education to its members

Beckfield Apiary
A group of beekeepers, devoted to the survival of honeybee colonies and believe that educating communities is the main way to reverse the decline of these insects.

Chadderton and Moston Local Beekeepers
A group for all current and potential beekeepers in and around Chadderton and Moston.

Three Bees Co-operative
Three Bees are a co-operative of beekeepers, soap makers and environmental educations based in Manchester.

River of Flowers Manchester
Mancester’s River of Flowers, flowing along the Oxford Road Corridor.

Beespace@ Manchester Art Gallery
A blog about one of the gallery’s green projects that aims to support one of nature’s finest artists and the symbol of Manchester itself.