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Since 1st September 2017, I’ve been posting a daily Manchester Bee at 7am over on this website’s twitter account – @MCRBees. I’d be finding my time limited when it came to updating this website, so it seemed an easy way to share the ever-growing pile of photographs and bees which I hadn’t got around to writing about yet.

While I did have a number of posts and photographs lined up before starting, I’m now way past that point now and maintaining the daily posting has galvanised me to go in search of new bees. It has also proven a useful way in discovering bees – I doubt I would ever have found out about the Hidden Bee of Piccadilly Place except through direct contact with both Lauren Sagar and Sharon Campbell as a result of posting about the Poetry Discs. An article about these particular bees will be published soon.

The plan is to keep posting a daily update for as long as possible, though whether that’ll be through to 31st August and complete a full year of updates is up in the air. However, every time I explore the city I keep finding more bees and there’s plenty of folk who’ve suggested or shared their own photographs, to whom I all owe a big thank you.

If you’d like to see what I’ve found, just head on over to the twitter page and click on the Follow button to receive your daily update.


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