While conducting some bee-related research, I came across a reference to a Manchester Bee cocktail having been created by the Thomas Dakin company. Well, I had to find out more. After getting in contact with the company, they’ve very kindly allowed me to share the recipe:

35ml Thomas Dakin Gin
2 tsp of honey
25ml lemon juice

In a shaker stir honey with the Thomas Dakin gin until dissolved
Add the rest of the ingredients Shake or stir with ice
Strain into a Martini glass
Garnish with thin orange wheel float

I haven’t tried it myself as yet, but it did get me wondering if any other Manchester Bee cocktails have been created. A bit more searching reveals that Cloud 23 has their own tribute, named Bee on Time, which contains Bee Pollen, Lemon Sherbet, Apple Juice & Sage. But are there more out there?


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